About Debbie Hellmer

Debbie Hellmer provides Energy Healing sessions in Waterdown, Ontario. Debbie is trained in Reiki, REH and Huna Healing modalities.


As a channel for energy, Debbie surrounds herself with the Divine, Archangels and Ascended masters to be a witness for healing. Being a Lightworker inspires her to assist others to heal themselves and live a balanced existence. She is grateful to experience joy and love in helping others to reach their true spiritual potential.

While on a spiritual journey during a difficult time in her life, Debbie found that she was drawn to energy work It was something that came very naturally to her and with ease. The belief is that most illnesses and diseases are preventable or curable with connecting to the Divine and working with energy.

Debbie studied three energy modalities: Huna, Reiki and Rainbow Energy Healing. She uses the modality that is divinely guided during her sessions with clients.

Debbie's ultimate goal is to be able to assist others with connecting to their natural ability to heal themselves and bring balance into their lives. Whether you require a session for illness or emotional stability, removing blocks through energy work will help to balance the mind, body and soul.

"Hi Debbie,

Just wanted you to know how much your healing sessions have helped me. I feel a lot calmer more focused and rested after seeing you.

Also my knee seems much better, so keep it up, expect to see me a lot more.

Thank you
Tony Lopresti"